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About Us

Migrantes Unidos(es) (MU) is a St. Louis based group of asylum seekers and other immigrants without permanent status from Latin America who are committed to pursue the elimination of all forms of surveillance and detention used in immigration. MU members provide peer support to each other and develop practical strategies for information gathering, self-care, and collective action. 


MU members are centered as experts and advise organizations on how best to promote immigrant leadership in the struggle for justice. Every member is economically compensated for their time and work. Monthly meetings are conducted all in Spanish and French Creole.


The project is currently supported by the following organizations and grants:

Helping Hand

MU Demands

The Intensive Supervision Appearance Program (ISAP), a program administered by BI Inc., an ICE contractor, has mistreated, surveilled, and criminalized immigrants in St. Louis for far too long! Join us in making our voices heard.


Our Five Demands:


  • No more ankle monitors!

  • Stop the abuse!

  • Return our home country passports!

  • Freedom of movement within the U.S.

  • Eliminate home visits during work hours.

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Conoce tus derechos en un ámbito de protesta

Guide to your rights in relation to contact with immigration officials or the police

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