Episode 95

This week on Episode 95 of St. Louis Music Underground: Saluda, Mathias and The Pirates, Hidden Lakes, Brothers Lazaroff, Theresa Payne, The Steepwater Band (Chicago), Coultrain, The Trip Daddys, Tone Rodent, Lida Una, Driving Wheel (Columbia, MO), Bella and Lily, Clockwork, The Sun and The Sea, Austin Paul (Miami), Saturday Night Soldiers, American Wrestlers, Fire Dog, Dustin Sendejas, Dan Johanning, Fumer, The Yowl (Springfield, MO), The Saddle Cactus Riders, Magnolia Summer, and The Scam!  That oughta keep ya nice and warm!

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St. Louis Music Underground is a weekly podcast hosted by Dave Harris featuring local indie rock bands and show information from the St. Louis area.

Next episode [theoretically] Trout Day (March 1st)

Hosted and Produced by Dave Harris