STLMU Episode 101

This week on St. Louis Music Underground: Dust off those old earbuds – we’ve got a whole new big-ass show, chock-full of  the best music around!  We’ve got stuff from Scarlet Tanager, Subtle Aggression Monopoly, Ocean Rivals, Kenny DeShields, Tilts, Deep Observation, 7 Shot Screamers, Made In Waves, I Could Sleep In The Clouds, Aquitaine, Thee Lordly Serpents,  Stillwater, Palace, iLLPHONiCS, Small Ball Paul, Little Green Cars (Dublin, Ireland), Shukee, The Trip Daddys, Spectator, 2SISTERS (Paris, FR), Julia Runge, Ackurate, The Adoring Heirs, Dear Genre, Free Dirt, Pamela Devine, The BOB Band, Life On Mars,  and Miss Molly Simms! Holy cats, that’s a metric buttload o’ tuneage! Measure it out!
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St. Louis Music Underground is a weekly podcast hosted by Dave Harris featuring local indie rock bands and show information from the St. Louis area.

Episode 102 coming soon – watch this space!

Hosted and Produced by Dave Harris