Episode 93

This week on Episode 93 of St. Louis Music Underground: Little Big Bangs, Knockaboutsonnet, Black Spade, Bassamp and Dano, Bottlerockets, Tommy Halloran, Ultraman, The Feed, Durango, Jason and the Punknecks (Nashville), Breakmouth Annie, Denis Zhmakov ft. Egor Kotsur & Paula, This City of Takers, iLLPHONiCS, The Haddonfields, Falling Fences, Kenny DeShields, Finn’s Motel, Edgefield C. Johnston, Mvstermind, This City of Takers, The Pat Sajak Assassins, con trails, 33 on the Needle, Fred Friction, MotherFather, Rock Kickass and The Bumble Bee Assassins, Cara Louise Band, The Longest Days, and Dots Not Feathers!  Hell, yeah – Merry New Year!!!

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St. Louis Music Underground is a weekly podcast hosted by Dave Harris featuring local indie rock bands and show information from the St. Louis area.

Next episode [theoretically] January 26th

Hosted and Produced by Dave Harris