Episode 63
This week on St. Louis Music Underground episode 63; Money For Guns, Soma, Bible Belt Sinners, Amen Lucy, Amen, Kentucky Knife Fight, Ellen The Felon, Bob Reuter’s Alley Ghost, One Less Cheerleader, Belleview, Old Capital Square Dance Club, Medical Tourists, Via Dove, Antithought, Media Ghost, and The Breaks. Plus The Quaaludes recorded live @ The Way Out Club. Bruiser Queen, and The Little Big Bangs recorded live @ The Heavy Anchor. Classic stuff from; The Saw is Family, The Chinese Room, and Lofreq. Out of town tunes from; Ings (Springfield, MO.), The Primetime Heroes (Topeka, KS ), Samuel Locke Ward (from Iowa City, IA.), And Chickenman.

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St. Louis Music Underground is a weekly podcast hosted by Dave Harris featuring local indie rock bands and show information from the St. Louis area.

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Hosted by Dave Harris  Produced by Rick Laury
Chickenman is a copyright of Dick Orkin