St. Louis Music Underground – Episode 104 – “The Tofurkey Incident” ShortCast!

Are you kiddin’ me? It’s that time again!  I couldn’t let you all go over the river and through the woods without a little musical partner, so here we go!  And the best things about this little ShortCast is that you can:
1 – Turn it up loud to drown out family members arguing about politics

2 – Turn it up loud to wake yer ass up from tryptophan slumber

3 – Turn it up loud to just enjoy some kickass new St. Louis music, including So Many Dynamos, Spectator, ciej, Soma Jet Set, New Lives, Million Hits, Breakmouth Annie, The Sun and The Sea, and Ursa Major!  Stuff *that* in yer turkey and smoke it!

And don’t forget to drop us a line with any feedback, comments, music, brownie recipes, etc. Send it on down to – you won’t be sorry!

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St. Louis Music Underground is a weekly podcast hosted by Dave Harris featuring local indie rock bands and show information from the St. Louis area.

Episode 105 coming soon – maybe even tomorrow! Okay, who am I kidding?  But soon!

Hosted and Produced by Dave Harris