St. Louis Music Underground – Episode 108


It’s April!  We’ve finally got temperatures higher than my age, grass is being cut, baseball’s in full swing (Go Cards, yo! W00t!), and it’s time for RECORD STORE DAY!!!  We’ve got a big ol’ show featuring a ton of bands, most of whom are playing at either Vintage Vinyl, Music Record Shop, or Euclid Records this weekend (April 15-17): Hope & Therapy, Theresa Payne, Zanti Misfits, Baby Baby Dance with Me, Fall Upon Your Sword, Dibiase, Old Capital, Miss Molly Simms, Bent, Cave States, Brian Andrew Marek, DRACLA, Neil and Adam, Blank Generation, Humdrum, Deep Observation, Witch Doctor, The Kraken Quartet (Austin, TX), Adult Fur, Old Souls Revival, Trophy Mules, Ultraman, Dropkick The Robot, Beth Bombara, and the tennis lesson!  Holy Birds On Bat, man!  

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St. Louis Music Underground is a weekly podcast hosted by Dave Harris featuring local indie rock bands and show information from the St. Louis area.

Episode 109 coming soon – keep yer drawers on!

Hosted and Produced by Dave Harris